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End Rhyme Poetry


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‘The crown of literature is poetry.’- W. Somerset Maugham

The rhythmic structure and nature of these poems will propel the melody of your soul by strumming gently the chords to invoke joy and bliss.

Melody and Music are no strangers to a heart of an adult or a child, each poem with a life of its own, will take the reader through a whimsical and harmonious journey charted by the ensemble of words weaved to thrill, and impart precious undeviating wisdom.

A Message to the Kids from the Poet…

Hey Kids my name is Obby Brown,
I hail from a place called the Fun Toon Town;

I know you all are viciously smart,
So will be honest from the very start;

This book will make you laugh and sing,
But also to you, a gift of wisdom it shall bring;

This book I promise will never allow you to get bored,
My selection is the one which in my town even the brattiest kids adored;

Each Poem is more of a little amusing story,
Which will give you happiness today and tomorrow glory;

Sure some of the above you did not yet understand,
Just wait to go inside where waiting are so many friends and even an unseen fairytale land;

So let us not wait and now go inside,
And begin this rollicking roller coaster ride;

And yes, breaking news!! By the time to the last part of the book you come,
Everyone of you like me, a Funny Poet will become…

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