Why Sooo Serious

This is a parenting app. The app is built to encourage your child towards following good habits, however it is for the parent to use and monitor.

Dr Jordon Peterson, a renowned psychologist pointed out, a child being agreeable and obedient is not good for his or her mental well-being, and this hinders with the child’s success in the world in future.

ONE at a time, however we believe you will see your child willing to follow more than one habit, which must be welcomed.

As per the recent study at the University of London, it takes on an average 66 days for a habit to get installed, however it may take longer as each individual is different.

As mentioned above, this is a process where a parent's persistence and patience are the key. It is not uncommon for many of us to set targets and not follow, more often than not we re-set the timeline and begin again, here too the same logic applies.

You may do that, but our trials show much better results when the child is involved in the target setting process, as this way you are allowing the child to keep control of his or her life which is the most important part of this process.

Absolutely, as the first target is for the child to realise the importance of these habits and what elements of their lifestyle needs to be controlled, this simple learning can go a long way.

This is possible and a parent at that time must reason and convince the child, however if the child is not convinced, then allow him/her to set a low target and get them into the routine and slowly change the target in future.

This information is inside the app, in the target section.

Usually per grade 10 min of self study is assumed to be sufficient, however it depends on the learning pace, which is unique to each child.

Absolutely yes, more details on this are inside the app.

This information is inside the app, in the target section.

This information is inside the app, in the target section.

Junk food can have different meanings for parents and children around the world, we have left the parent to point out to the child what they believe is junk food and advice the child to limit the same.

Read more about this in our app and we believe it will surprise you.

Please check your SPAM or JUNK folder in the email or contact us through our website, we will be happy to assist you.

You can use the application under the current subscription for upto three children.

Once the first child is added, please go to the edit target after selecting the current child and press proceed, once you press proceed the screen will show an add child icon, you can click on that and add the second child.

Yes you can, however the edit target will be applicable to the past days too, this means now you have a new weekly target for all your reports.

Each time the child does an activity, a coin is awarded, it has no relation with the target as we do not believe in judging a child.

This is a rare situation, however any problem please contact us and we shall assist. However before calling us please try to reinstall the app and see if that works.

‘Buddy on Call’ will release on 12th April Easter 2020 and it is part of your subscription and you will not be charged additionally for the same, however it will be live for you till your subscription ends.

We are happy to answer all your questions, please go to the contact us section and you can reach us.