Our Company

Why Sooo Serious is the answer to problems faced by millions of parents for decades, some parents even sought access to tools that can be of assistance, however, per our research this void could not be satisfactorily filled.

  1. Poor performance in studies and sports
  2. Lack of concentration and poor memory
  3. Restlessness and violent behaviour
  4. Poor physical and mental growth and development
  5. Become an introvert and be secluded from friends
  6. Be bullied or bully someone
  7. Inability to accept loss or defeat
  8. Lie or be dishonest
  9. Show off and brag
  10. Slow reading speed and comprehension as per age
  11. Below-par vocabulary usage

The problems we are pointing at are seldom addressed in schools, however, decades of research by global imminent bodies and institutions clearly state that these traits or virtues are essential in the life of a child when it comes to personal growth and development, happiness, health, academic and sports performance.

So what are these so-called traits or virtues? Why sooo serious identified have divided them into two areas namely-

  1. Virtues- such as Habits, Values and Essential Life Skills
  2. Improve the Speed of Reading, Reasoning and Comprehension as per International standards

Our Product Offering is built based on research findings of premier institutions such as Yale Parenting Centre, Sleep Foundation Seattle USA, Stanford University, Center on the Developing Child at Harvard University and many more such imminent bodies that have deep-dived into the zone of life and have come up with groundbreaking research on key aspects in child development, ability and phycology which is outside of academics, however, a child without these traits shall surely find it challenging to reach his or her true potential in sports and/or academics.

The Fun Side Now- Research says and we agree too, that to deliver any kind of learning to a child there must be positive engagement which in simple words only occurs where the child is having fun. We at Why Sooo Serious deliver the learning to the child in a language with which he or she resonates, a language that glides with the whim of the child, a language embellished with humour, empathy and laughter. All our products revolve around and spin the magic of learning through gamification, storytelling and poetry.

To mention a little may it be any medium of delivery, our core ingredients Humour, Empathy, Suspense and Edge-of-the-seat thrill visibly emerge.

Our products intend to enrich the child in the following ways-

  1. Intended message or learning to be installed and retained in the mind of the child, empowers children by imparting positive decision-making skills.
  2. Improve the attention span and reasoning skills of a child.
  3. Improve Parent-child Bonding by opening the corridor of communication and trust Improve the Speed of reading and comprehension.
  4. Making the child bold and self-confident, bringing a positive outlook towards life Groom conversational skills with adequate usage of vocabulary.

Enough said, moving on with pride and humility we invite you to the world of Why Sooo Serious.

Happy Parenting!!