Why So Serious

Power Reads

Each Power Read teaches the Child one Habit, Value or Survival skill, like eating healthy, being honest, not lying, living with courage, etc. In each book, there are also fun activities children can enjoy.

Our first Volume of Power Reads contains 9 books which focus on creating a strong foundation for the Child in the following areas of Early Development:-

Importance of Rest

Awareness of Evils like Junk Food and Screen

Importance of Honesty, Determination and Modesty

Introduction to essential survival skills such as the Importance of Good Friends, Hygiene and Bullying.

As per research, after the age of 9, it is challenging to instil or break habits in children. Our Power Reads help Parents build the early foundation needed for a child.

Children are naturally curious and intelligent; a child's brain is developed 90% by age five; hence, essential knowledge shared early will positively impact a child's brain.

Early in life, the brain is most flexible, or "plastic," to accommodate various environments and interactions. Still, as the maturing brain becomes more specialised to assume more complex functions, it is less capable of reorganising and adapting to new or unexpected challenges.

Children from Ages 2 to 4/5 would need someone to read the Power Reads to them; however, for Parents whose first language is not English or those who do not have to read to their children, we offer our "Speed Read Audio Coach, which reads our books to children at their age-wise silent reading speed." Children above the age of 5 can read the Power Reads independently.

Premium quality

Dramatic conversational language


Induce parent-child bonding

Focus on increasing attention span

Live the story feature

Audio-visual combination without Screen

No. of pages 110 to 150 for a Single Story.

Pro Boxes

It's a learning kit focusing on one crucial root learning aspect that each Child must perfect at their age. Examples of these are Sight Words, Vocabulary, Conversational English, etc...

Yes, very much; for example, one of the Pro-Boxes focuses on Sight Words, which covers 80% of the vocabulary in the English language. Mastering these words shall help the Child's reading speed and comprehension and build confidence and interest in reading.

There is an easy-to-understand instruction sheet inside each Pro Box. And the games are for young children, so don't worry parents we are sure you shall find your way around them.

The features of each Pro Box are different from the others. However, each Pro Box adopts a 360-degree storytelling approach towards the targeted Root Learning it aims to impart to the Child.

Speed Read Audio Coach

This feature is a part of our entire product range.

"Speed Read Audio Coach" reads the book to the Child at his or her reading speed.

This feature increases your Child's reading speed, listening skills, and pronunciation. We do all this without your Child having to see the Screen.

Steps to Downloading the APP:-

Step 1- Download the APP

Step 2- Click on the Speed Read Audio Coach icon

Step 3- Click on the Product which you have purchased

Step 4- Enter the Code which you have received with your Product

Step 5- Enjoy the Feature.

Improves Reading Speed

Improves Listening Skills

Improves Pronunciation

Creates Love for Reading from an early age.

Yes, it reads the book to a child according to age and reading speed.

CDP (Child Development Pack)

This Pack combines our Volume 1 Power Reads on Habits, Values and Survival Skillls.

The Habit Pack contains three Power Reads.

Two of the three stories in this Pack explain and teach the Child why parents say what they do. Through these two stories, the Author aims to ignite the spark of self-realisation in the Child by imparting knowledge and highlighting the adverse consequences of the Child failing to limit the twin sins, Junk food and Screen. The third book, in the most extraordinary way, describes the need and the adequacy of sleep and rest, which in many cultures is considered the priceless gift of God. If understood and acquired, these great habits will not only result in a much healthier child today but will also lay a strong foundation for the future.

The Value Pack contains three Power Reads.

All three stories in this Pack explain and teach the Child the values one must imbibe for a better today and a healthier tomorrow. We all want our children to be strong-willed, determined and honest. We, as parents, understand these fundamental values will define the Child's happiness and success in the future. In these stories, the Author has not only highlighted the importance of these values but also, in a playful & amusing way, attempted to guide the Child towards practising these learnings in everyday life.

The Essential Pack contains three Power Reads.

Two of the three stories explain and teach the Child the importance of hygiene and overcoming the problem of being an introvert. The third book deals with the essential widespread issues of bullying. The awareness of these elements is vital from a very early age in a child's life. Equipped with these skills, a child would be happy, well-groomed and self-confident.

Child Development Evaluation and Report

This feature shall give the Parent a clear understanding of the Child's learning retention of each of our products.

A basic test of comprehension and understanding of the book read or read to, to the Child. 

This report shows the Parent how much the Child has understood the story and the learning in the story or from the Pro Box. It is an excellent tool for Parents to be aware of their Child's progress and understanding. 

More than the Child, this test is for the Parent to know the level of understanding the Child is at; also, in the report, we offer tips to improve the Child's language understanding. 

It is simple: you will get the multiple choice questions in English and your Regional language; you must ask the Child the questions, click on the correct answer, and press submit.

The month the Pro Box or the Book is delivered to you.

It will be sent to you on WhatsApp on the number you submitted to us.