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Q. How can I use my Speed Read Audio Coach Code?

Steps to Downloading the APP:-

Step 1- Download the APP

Step 2- Click on the Speed Read Audio Coach icon

Step 3- Click on the Product which you have purchased

Step 4- Enter the Code which you have received with your Product

Step 5- Enjoy the Feature

Q. I want to know what is The Speed Read Audio Coach?

As per research, according to his or her grade and age, every child is expected to have a silent reading word-per-minute speed, which is supposed to increase with age. Our 'Speed Read Audio Coach' shall read each book to a child at his or her pace, improving listening skills and pronunciation.

This is also a boon to parents whose first language is not English and parents who may be unable to read to their children due to lack of time.

All you have to do is to scan the code behind the book and see your little one read and listen at his or her own pace and gradually improve their reading speed, which may I say, will be a boon for the future... (No Screen Required)

Kindly note If for any reason you are unable to scan the Speed Read Audio Coach QR, please WhatsApp us on the Parent Helpline number +919324091762 and we shall send you a link which will enable you to use our Speed Read Audio Coach feature.