Partner With Us – Why Sooo Serious

Dear Educationist, 

Firstly we thank you to go through our transformational and revolutionary range of products. A  child’s report card clearly indicates that his or her attendance in school is about 180 days, that too in the initial years where the development is maximum the child only spends about 3-4 hours in school. 

So we can see the majority of the time the child is with the parents or the caregiver; hence it is obvious and also proven by tons of research that a child’s development is possible only through the joint effort of the parent and teachers, however, sadly many parents do not understand the importance of their role and the ones that do lack the knowledge or tools. This is where we fill the gap with our offering.

Our Products are simple, easy to use and designed keeping in mind also the parents whose first language is not English and who come from an economically challenged background. 

We urge you to go through our presentations, if unclear on anything you are most welcome to call us.

Partnering with us would bring several Monetary and Non- Monetary benefits to your institution, however the biggest benefit we promise you will be your children having a strong foundation today for robust physical and mental health in future.

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