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Lying is Fun- The Value Story

Yes, it is true some children believe lying is fun, how much ever you read to them the Wolf story, they refuse to mend their ways. This can become a habit, a habit to get them what they want, most of them caught in the act with the display of their big eyes win our pardon as they are sorry. Well, our story disagrees, we have here on hand a child for who lying is not only fun but a way of life and the best part is not only is he unapologetic but believes that to be his secret weapon to ward off all problems. You think this story is about him realising his mistake and transforming into an honest boy, well, think again, some children just hate change.

Without further ado, we invite you to dive into the world called the Farm-land village, where a tale of two children Lollo and Pollo, their old parents, Mr Jhonson a cunning businessman and his ferocious guard dog, await to surprise you with the turn of every page from the beginning to the end.

Why do children and parents love our books?

Each story is penned by the author, artistically, with the message of learning. It weaves suspense and humor and is aimed to entertain and stimulate the mind of the parent and child alike. The stories in the books are set across multiple beautiful, and colour rich expressions of cities, towns, and landscapes, from medieval and modern times.
At the end of each story, the fun continues with our engaging fun activities, a melodious sing-along poem, and kudos for you to guess that you shall discover a few of these in stories too.

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