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Sam’s First Music Lesson


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I love to Bully- The Survival Story

As per a renowned agency called the National Bullying Prevention Centre, one in five children are bullied at school. We wish our child never bullies anyone nor is the victim, and if for some reason is a victim the child must confide in the parent or teacher without any fear, yes this should be the case but many a time is not. And what if a child after being bullied becomes a bully himself, uncanny but true.

Sam’s first music lesson is a tale of a child who loved to bully children, his hungry eyes were forever hunting for prey. He could not just be explained what he was doing was wrong, as he and his friends experienced the thrill and extreme joy of bullying. However sometimes life takes us to the most unexpected places, we welcome you to this enthralling journey which begins from a small village in Germany, travels through the bustling city Frankfurt, and meets its climax at the Inter-School Drumming Competition hosted by The Karl and Walter School of Music.

Why do children and parents love our books?

Each story is penned by the author, artistically, with the message of learning. It weaves suspense and humour and is aimed to entertain and stimulate the mind of the parent and child alike. The stories in the books are set across multiple beautiful, and colour rich expressions of cities, towns and landscapes, from medieval and modern times.
At the end of each story, the fun continues with our engaging fun activities, a melodious sing-along poem, and kudos for you to guess that you shall discover a few of these in stories too.

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